We are in the prime of the summer with outside temperatures reaching 100 degrees at least once a week.  This means your attic, usually directly above your bedrooms can get up to 150 degrees!  With all that heat and hot air sitting on top of your house, the air conditioning will have to work extra hard just to maintain a decent temperature inside.  If you do not have central air, well, it’s just plain HOT!

A good way to relieve this hot air is to have a roof mount, or gable attic fans installed.  These attic fans pull air through and out of your attic, creating a cooler atmosphere, usually set to 90 degrees.  With the attic fans working hard, the inside of your house isn’t being affected by serious heat from above, and if you have central air, it works less, taking stress off of your system and saving you some money on your energy bill.

Give us a call and we can take a look at your attic or crawl space and come up with a plan to properly relieve the hot air and heat that is building up inside there!

Another approach to this heat are ceiling fans.  For large rooms or even directly over your bed, with the windows open and the ceiling fans on, a nice breeze can be created to cool you down.  Ceiling fans also help out your central air system by quickly dispersing the cool air it is putting out, and cooling down the room faster.

We install any and every fan out there.  We typically put them on 2 separate switches, one controlling the light kit (if applicable) and the other the motor.  If you have purchased a special remote kit, we install those too.  If you have a 2-story ceiling, that’s not a problem either.

So give us a call and let us help you stay cool in this hot weather!