Millman Electric works closely with many other contractors in the area.  From small additions or renovations, to brand new kitchens, baths, and bigger additions.   It can be a very messy process if things are not planned well, or if one contractor drags the job or makes mistakes.  Most of the time we are hired by our existing customers or because we are recommended by the general contractor. 

A few jobs we have come across recently, we weren’t the 1st, or even sometimes the 2nd electrician on the job.  Just because your contractor has recommended or MADE you use his electrician, doesn’t mean you have to.  Sometimes it doesn’t work out so great and we are hired to ‘clean-up’ and even fix a renovation done by someone who either had no idea what they were doing, or weren’t very good at it.   This means the customer has paid someone to do the job, and then paid another person to finish and fix it.

Any renovation you are having done, big or small, we can help you out with it.  Estimates are always free and even if an electrician has been brought in, it couldn’t hurt.