As of January 1st, 2011, Pennsylvania will be joining the other few states who have  adopted deregulation of energy.  Deregulation on the supply of power simply means you, as a customer, will now have a choice as to who you want supplying the power to your house.

Most customers that we do work for have either PECO or PPL as their electrical utility company.  Signing on to a different supplier will not change much.  Your current utility company will still send you a bill, service your lines, and address any emergency.  However, on your bill under ‘transmission and generator’ of electricity it will list the provider that you have chosen.  There will be no interruption of power and nothing to do with your current outside lines, meter, or panel.

The main pro of deregulation is competition in the market and savings being passed on to you as a customer.  As PECO and others start to slowly raise their rates in 2011, it couldn’t come at a better time to save a few bucks!